M4 Europe, an example of process

18 May 2017

M4 is built around the ABC's of church planting: Assessment, Basic Training and Coaching. We have created an online & interview system for assessment that helps leaders find the right church planting candidates. Our basic training allows for, not just for content, but a unique environment for planters and their teams to guide them during the first 2-3 years of their church plant. Coaching, conducted by experienced planters and leaders, helps teams take their plans from a dream to reality. The content in the training platform has been developed from 30 years of church planting experience in the European context, and is formed around these four topics: Master; Mission; Multiplication and Movement.

All power
Jesus is the Master with all power. Everything starts with God’s power and with His calling and commissioning.

Go therefore
Being a church planter is about being on God’s mission. Church planting is mission. If a church doesn’t reach out to new people, in 3-5 years’ time it will still have the same group of people it started with.

Make disciples
Jesus is seeking the lost with a desire to transfrom them into followers of Him. He is multiplying followers, workers and disciples. This is a challenge for all churches, but this is especially true for those of us who work in church planting.

See, I am with you
See, I am with you all days. The second command in the Great Commission is to see. See Jesus. He is in the centre of our mission, our security and hope - and our opportunity. He has a purpose in our world: To cover it "with the knowledge of Him".