What are we learning about effective national SCP processes globally?

15 Jan 2018

Not all national SCP processes produce equal fruit. What makes the difference? If we have limited resources, which emphases are most fruitful?

Russ Mitchell has been studying questions like these and recently issued a preliminary report based on a survey of over 100 SCP leaders from every continent. His 20 page PDF is available here.

Synopsis: This first of its kind study involves a multi-national evaluation of DAWN initiatives. Data was gathered in the fall of 2017 by an online survey. 117 participants shared significant lessons learned about facilitating national church planting processes and evaluated the national church planting process most familiar to them according to the “ideal” DAWN model. Statistical analysis demonstrated a positive correlation between implementing the “ideal” DAWN strategy and effective outcomes. Inductive analysis of the lessons learned identified themes that provide new insights for facilitating national church planting processes. Further evaluation identified two major elements of a national church planting process: Initiation and implementation. Four process variables are statistically significant in predicting effective outcomes: National Leadership, Seminars & Consultations, Parachurch Organizational Support and Diversified Action Plans. A practical, four-phase model for advancing national church planting processes, DAWN 2.0, is presented, which incorporates both new and old elements. The conclusion points out that facilitating a national process involves “a long obedience in the same direction.”

If you didn't previously share your insights, new participants in the survey please click this link: international survey.

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