NC2P requires a recognized forum, network or place (national and regional) where people come to learn and be encouraged. This gathering function: (1) Builds towards consensus that more churches are needed in the nation to accomplish the task of making disciples in every geographic, ethnic and cultural component, (2) Is “nested” within an existing recognized body broader than any denomination or single organization and (3) Mobilizes prayer: connecting with new and existing prayer networks seeking spiritual breakthroughs in the nation.

La Plaza

Picture a forum or city square where leaders gather to develop relationship, talk, and hammer out solutions to recognized problems. Those familiar with Latin culture will appreciate the value and relational bustle of "la plaza." Other cultures may relate to the concept of a "council of elders" or a "congress" where problems are debated, solutions found and decisions made.
It is with such images in mind that NC2P gathering places are provided for organizations and networks, pastors and planters to come to learn, be encouraged, make plans and develop strategies to obey the Great Commission.

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18 mai 2017

Learning Community, a way to boost collaboration! (Tom McGehee)

In 2013 the CNEF had a vision to bring together different denominations from across all of France to collaborate with the vision of increasing the ratio of evangelical church plants in France from 1:30,000 to 1:10,000.

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