NC2P requires a recognized forum, network or place (national and regional) where people come to learn and be encouraged. This gathering function: (1) Builds towards consensus that more churches are needed in the nation to accomplish the task of making disciples in every geographic, ethnic and cultural component, (2) Is “nested” within an existing recognized body broader than any denomination or single organization and (3) Mobilizes prayer: connecting with new and existing prayer networks seeking spiritual breakthroughs in the nation.


WaveChange is a learning community model for transformation. WaveChange is more than a process. It is a community of both Kingdom collaborators and WaveChange Facilitator-Trainers. These two groups embody WaveChange as a system of support that releases the collective power of the church. WaveChange is a disciplined way for churches and ministries to achieve new visions and goals through collaboration. Using the “learning community “ model of gathering teams together over time, this approach creates creative solutions, greater engagement and alignment and plans for action with accountability. It combines learning with implementation and training with experience. Read more...