NC2P requires a national research process identifying priority locations and people groups in the nation for church planting which include: (1) Some kind of mapping that gives a picture to the nation, stirring the need for church planting. This process measures net growth in churches and total attendance and (2) Communication which provides encouragement and motivation through shared stories showing the human dimension of changed lives and working models is also important.

Gathering information

  • The DAWN Research Handbook (PDF) - Roy Wingerd: The purpose of the DAWN RESEARCH HANDBOOK is to train and equip researchers:
    • To develop a national and/or regional research strategy and plan for all three phases of research for a DAWN Project;
    • To obtain and maintain accurate, up-to-date and reliable information on the Church (the Harvest Force), and its context (the Harvest Field);
    • To perform insightful analysis of the Harvest Force and the Harvest Field;
    • To formulate realistic goals for evangelism, church planting and other ministries that will lead most directly to the discipling of a whole nation;
    • To prepare thorough reports and formulate a “prophetic message” with the information gathered through various surveys;
    • and To effectively present and apply the results of the surveys and analysis toward the goal of seeing a congregation of believers established within easy access of every person in a country.
  • : A menu of tools, surveys and training documents:

Sharing information

The National Council of French Evangelicals (Cnef) has developped a web portal dedicated to NC2P. It includes a map of France that is directly linked to an online church directory giving real-time data on the ratio of churches per inhabitants per regional district. The goal is to reach one church for every 10,000 inhabitants. Go to the map...

DAWN Norway

SENDT Norway has developped across the years a multi-criteria, multi-layers interactive map to monitor church planting needs according to regions with the possibility of selecting a specific time frame. Go to the map...

La Plaza information

Maximo Álvarez Alvelo, Spanish missiologist, has been producing for years static maps to track needs for church planting. Go to the map...

eStar Foundation

The eSTAR Foundation is a resource center that provides services to educate people and improve society. Areas of service include statistics, research, training, digital and printed resources. Go to the website...