A National Church Planting Process (NC2P) works towards a reality when the majority of the body of Christ cooperates with one another for the purpose of seeing churches multiplied in all the nation’s geographic and ethnic and cultural spaces. A national church planting process is usually propelled by relationship and vision casting moving towards collaboration and momentum in new strategic activity (prayer, training etc.) until it reaches a tipping point and results in measurable progress in church planting through evangelism winning people for Christ.

The History of Saturation Church Planting - Martin Robinson

Madrid NC2P Gathering 28.-30.September 2015 Madrid, Spain

NC2P, a DAWN-type strategy?

The word “DAWN” is an acronym for “Discipling A Whole Nation.” It is a strategy of ministry developed in terms of our Lord’s command to “make disciples of all nations.” It takes literally the idea that the Lord wants nations to be discipled. To do this, DAWN seeks to mobilize the whole Body of Christ in whole countries in an optimum strategy for the discipling of all the “nations” or peoples of those countries. 

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15 janv. 2018

What are we learning about effective national SCP processes globally?

Not all national SCP processes produce equal fruit. What makes the difference? If we have limited resources, which emphases are most fruitful?

Russ Mitchell has been studying questions like these and recently issued a preliminary report based on a survey of over 100 SCP leaders from every continent. His 20 page PDF is available here.

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18 mai 2017

Health indicators and missional components

Despite an inspiring array of magnificent historic church buildings, Christendom in Europe has declined to levels bringing about deep concern in many hearts and desperate prayer and fasting for many others. The unexpected, in some places nearly uncontrolled, migration of refugees from war and poverty has left parts of Europe reeling.
In this challenging context, God has gathered a warm band of friends nurturing national church planting processes (NC2P) in a way I believe has great potential for fruitfulness in virtually every context.

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10 mai 2017

Six Current Trends in Europe (M. Robinson)

Whenever I am travelling outside of Europe, Christian leaders often ask me questions that amount to, “What is God doing in Europe?  At first I thought that was a hard question to answer partly because Europe is a complex continent with many local differences.  But over a period of time I recognize that there are at least 6 trends that one can see all across Europe.  Some of these trends interact with one another in some fascinating ways.  What are these trends? 

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