NC2P requires systems for recruiting, assessing, training and coaching planters - principle driven, accessible to all.


  • M4 online Church Planter Inventory : This inventory is designed to help you explore your potential as a church planter. In it, we will ask you to compare yourself with effective church planters in four major areas: Call, Character, Chemistry and Competencies

Coaching and training


Our vision is to ignite multiplying church planting movements all over Europe. M4 works across denominational and theological boundaries to see new communities of faith formed that will display the goodness of God to the people around them. It all about: New people - new communities - that impact society. More here...


DCPI - Solid training for every step of church planting. Dynamic Church Planting International was born from the desire to see church planters thrive in fulfilling their God-given calling to plant dynamic churches.

DCPI has developed free training tools that are used in over 100 countries for each step of church planting such as:

  • Church planting essentials
  • Churches planting churches
  • Mentoring church planters
  • Church planting movements
  • Church planting decipleship
  • NexGen - Church planting for the next generation

Leaders can be certified in each track and train in their environment. For more information click here: For trainings happening near you click here:


Acts 29 Europe is 51 countries, 750,000,000 people and great gospel opportunity combined with great gospel need. Europe is linguistically and culturally diverse and varied and yet shares a common heritage. Broadly Acts 29 Europe comprises the English-speaking countries in the west (the British Isles and Ireland), the Latinate countries of the South (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy) Greece and Turkey to the South East, Scandinavia in the North, the Germanic countries in the centre with Slavic, Baltic and Balkan states in the East. More here...